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Medilux  Medilux - fullspectrum* dental light

Lamps Medilux bring into your ambulance enough light during the entire year. They are placed directly over the work space and create a light comfort in the workplace. We offer a variety of options to satisfy all requirements. You can choose the size and method of Control. Lamps are fitted as standard "triband" tube PHILIPS Master with faithful color rendering Ra = 93, and the intensity of 4600 Lux /for type 4HF/. On request with "fullspectrum" tube OSRAM with color fidelity index Ra = 97 and the intensity of 3700 lux.

   medilux_new    medilux_new

Optical assembly consists of reflectors inside the lantern and reflect most of the light bulbs, which then passes through a reflective grid, which directs light to the work area and ensures elimination of the shadows /shadowless lights/. The light does not blind the patient and creates the impression of a uniformly illuminated surface when viewed from below. The system also includes a protective film with UV filter that simultaneously minimizes dust penetration into the lamp.

Current quantities in stock July 06. 2021:

Type 4HF_new 2020:

4HF - dimension 67x130cm, output 3500 Lux, Tube 4pcs x 36W, illuminated area 50x140cm

Medilux 4HF_new, disponibil: 1pc, 750,-Eur

Type 2HF classic:

2HF - dimension 37x165cm, output 3500 Lux, Tube 2pcs x 58W, illuminated area 50x170cm, 2HFDO - with remote control - one intensity.

Medilux 2HF, disponibil: 4pcs, 513,-Eur

Type 4HF classic:

4HF - dimension 67x165cm, output 4700 Lux, Tube 4pcs x 58W, illuminated area 80x170cm. 4HFDO2 - with remote control - two intensity. 4HFDOST - with remote control - continuous control intensity.

Medilux 4HF, disponibil: 47pcs,  748,-Eur 

Medilux 4HFDO2, disponibil: 1pc, 923,-Eur   

Medilux 4HFDOST, indisponibil, 1148,-Eur /Action -5%/

Type 4HF2 classic - overhead lighting:

4HF2 - dimension 67x165cm, output 4700 Lux, Tube 4pcs x 58W + 2pcs x 36W, illuminated area 80x170cm. 4HF2DO - with remote control - ON/OFF-up, ON/OFF-down. 4HF2DOST - with remote control - continuous control intensity.

Medilux 4HF2, disponibil: 1pc, 904,-Eur 

Medilux 4HF2DO, indisponibil, 1079,-Eur      

Medilux 4HF2DOST, indisponibil, 1376,-Eur

Remote control is in white color in the form of wall switch. It can stick to the appropriate location within 20 meters from the lamp. You can control the lamp turn on, turn off or adjust the intensity. You can place it where you will best meet the - on the pantographic arm, instrumentation table, wall, etc..

  Remote control for types with intensity adjustment DO2, DOST with intensity regulations

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Technical information:

  • Daily white light OSRAM LUMILUX DE LUXE
  • Ra=93 /4600 Lux
  • alternately fullspectrum OSRAM
  • Ra=98 /3700 Lux
  • Color: 6500K
  • Length of lights 160 cm
  • Width 30, 60, 90 cm
  • lifetime of tube 20 000 hours
  • Power 230V/50Hz
  • Warranty 24 months


  • without
  • or remote Control "DO" - 2 intensity
  • or remote Control "DOST"- continuous control intensity